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Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is the adoption process?
Once you email in your adoption application you may receive an email response with some added questions or a phone call from an adoption coordinator in 2-5 days. An in-person interview is then scheduled at the adoption centre. Once the interview is complete and if everything goes well you will be able to take home your new family member!
Where do I find the application?
On our adoption form page, we are also here to help; if you need help just ask us.
How much are adoption fees?
Adoption fees range and can be found on each cat's identification card.
What does adoption include?
Spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations (1st fvrcp and second and some cats also have a rabies vaccine), first deworming treatment, 30 day flea treatment, free bag of food and coupon book (if done through our sponsor Petsmart).
Why should I adopt?
Adopting a rescue cat means you're saving a life and helping end the overpopulation crisis rather than promoting those who sell cats and add to the overpopulation. Adopting a rescue cat is also cheaper than getting even a free cat because of all the medical that is included!
Is it better to get two cats?
Cats are, believe it or not, very social animals and highly benefit from having a friend or sibling. They will often be less needy and cause less trouble in the house if they have a friend to play with and keep them company.
How do I introduce a new cat to an existing cat or dog?
It is best to have the new cat in a separate room or bathroom for the first few days so that they can hear and smell each other but not be overwhelmed by seeing each other, this can take 3-5 days. Once you feel it is safe to start introduction you can do short supervised introductions. NEVER force the animals to be close together, let them take their time. Once you are confident the animals get along you can let them out together for longer periods of time, then eventually let them interact unsupervised.
How can I help?
There are many ways to help cats in need! You can adopt, foster, donate, volunteer, educate the public, or help us fundraise! Please contact us for details.