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Hello! Wanted to send you an update photo! Simba and Nahla turned one today! They bring us so much joy and happiness and they are so energetic and playful and love each other so much we got really lucky! We are so thankful for you and the society for saving many cats and enriching people's lives with their love! Thank you!
My girlfriend and I adopted Ragnar and Runa (Nightberry and Blackberry) a week and a half ago and we were so impressed with the Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. After over a month of applying for kittens at a different shelter and always getting passed over for another adopter (although our application was approved), we decided to look at different shelter options when we stumbled upon CTRS. We filled out an application on Thursday morning, was emailed with information within hours, visited the kittens at Petsmart that night and we're so excited when we brought them home on Friday night! Our adoption process was less than 48 hours. CTRS has an amazing philosophy and we are so impressed with everything they believe in. Our bonded pair are so happy to be home and they have made our lives whole! Thank you CTRS!
Here's my beautiful boy Maxim (short for Maximilian) that I adopted on February 17th at PetSmart in Coquitlam. The vet said he is big for his age and may have Maine Coon in his lineage. He likes to play fetch sometimes which is so adorable. It only took a couple of weeks for him to get along with my other three-year-old female cat. He's obviously been raised right during his first few months so thank you so much CTRS!!
We are so happy with our little boy adopted from the Port Coquitlam PetSmart, thank you CTRS for helping Karev (we renamed him Sammy) find his forever home.
-Marla Jenkins
One year ago we adopted these two cuties from Cat Therapy and Rescue Society and they brought so much love and smiles in our family, we love them!
Amazing work this girl is doing!! We rescued these sisters as kittens one year ago. They are happy healthy and continue to be inseparable.
Nylah (Chickpea) is such a funny little girl that always keeps us laughing. She's slowly but surely winning over our older cat because she's so stubborn and won't give up trying to win him over.
We adopted a male kitten on April 2016. When we adopted him he was around 9 weeks old kitten. I already had one cat at that time. He was a year old male cat. I was bit nervous about how their going to meet but the rescue society gave me advice on how to introduce a new cat to our home. The advice helped us a lot. They became good friends after a week. I was impressed how quickly they bonded together. Now both are very happy to spend time together, play together and sleep together. I'm so greatful to adopt him and having a brother for my other cat. The rescue society helped me with any questions. I'm so happy to adopt my cat from Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. Thank you very much.
Hi guys. Just wanted to give you an update on Trixie... Lily now. She's just an absolute doll. Eating like you would not believe and is sooooo sweet and loving. She has the loudest purr we've ever heard and wants constant attention. She's a very active little girl and pretty well rules the house... Thanks again for all that you do for these wonderful kitties.
PS. She will fetch after her toy mice and bring it back to us over and over like a puppy lol...
-David, Diane, and Ella

My name is Trish,
I'm so happy I came across Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. I got my sweet kitty from them almost one year ago. She has stolen my heart. I want to thank all the volunteers and folks who save foster all the needy cats and kittens. They do such amazing tireless work. All on a shoestring. They are not profit and could really use some help. Financial or volunteer foster homes. They have saved the unwanted and even hand feed 3 day old baby kitties when momma cat can't. I have a big dog and a jealous cat so can't volunteer that way but am setting up a $25.00 monthly donation to help them out. Even $5.00 a month will help. Please spread the word.
Here is a "letter" from Daisy:

Hi everyone,
My name is Daisy. My mom and dad call me Miss Trouble sometimes. They adopted me from the wonder folks at Cat Therapy and Rescue Society. They saved my life and my three babies, I was found abandoned in an empty apartment. I had no food left and was skinny from feeding my 3 babies. I'm a very lucky girl. I've been harness trained and have gone on a road trip with my 80 lb. brother Pepper.
I have a wonderful life.

I love to be on my harness and get a suntan, make a big mess with all my toys and boss my brother around. Thanks for saving me and my babies.