Age: 6 years

Sex: Male

Info: Peter is a shy and very passive pure black male DSH, approx. 6 years old and about 12-14 lbs.
When Peter arrived into foster care he was withdrawn and refused to leave his cat cocoon for any time. In small stages he was transitioned into a cat suite to help him face his many fears. With small steps he has proven his ability to trust, bond and even ask for attention. He is very wary of strangers and will quickly disappear back to a safe place when feeling threatened. If approached in his safe spot, he will turn his head and try to vanish rather than confronting a stranger. He seems to have been underexposed to normal household activities. He is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, dogs, and many normal household activities. He doesn’t like fast or unexpected moves. He will come out and explore on his own if it is quiet.

He can be very playful and enjoys catnip toys. He is still in training to not use the furniture as a scratching post. He loves to sit in a lap and enjoys belly rubs. He has very clean bathroom habits but he needs a high litter box as he likes to bury deep.
Peter would do better in a home with one or two adults with a quiet laid back lifestyle. He could be comfortable in a household with another non-dominant cat as he has no aggressiveness towards other cats and will even play with one of our resident cats.

Location: Located in a foster home for viewing