Angus (Male on the right) and Amelia (Female on the left)
Age: One year old

Angus and Amelia are two very special one year old cats who need to find their furever home. They are completely bonded and must be adopted together.

They are a brother and sister who were bottle babies as a result both are extremely affectionate. Amelia is quieter and likes to find a lap to nap on while Angus goes every where his people go. He greets people at the front door and sits outside the shower while you are in it. Angus loves to give you face rubs as a greeting. Angus is the more inquisitive of the two and loves exploring every nook and cranny in your home. Angus is also a bit of a chatterbox especially on car rides. He can be quite loud.

Due to a virus they had as kittens, both have scarring of the eyes. Amelia’s eyes appear cloudy and one of Angus’s eye was affected, though they have never shown any vision issues. They have been indoor cats and they need to stay that way as they have zero street smarts. They get along great with other cats and are do pretty well with dogs. Amelia is fine with the dogs, but Angus will try and boss some dogs around, which sometimes causes minor friction but he will also rub against them purring and accept licks on his terms. Both are good with children too.

Location: Bosleys Tsawwassen