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Age: 1 Sex: female Info: (Cat Mama) My name is Monica, I’m a very sweet and affectionate girl, who loves to be around humans and exceptionally needy. I am a social cat with a huge purrr. I will greet you when you come home and wind around your legs until you give me attention. I


Age: 4 months Sex: female Info: This girl has a very pretty round face. She likes to hang out with her fur friends and fur siblings than human. Probably best with quiet family (no kids) but with gentle fur friends. She doesn't like be approached from the front. Slow approach and gentle petting on her


Age: 5 months Sex: female Info: Peper is little young and beautiful lady with very unique personality, she can be little shy at first but will steal your heart very soon. Peper is very independent although she really loves to play with her human friends. Peper loves to cuddle, she is very gentle and calm


Age: 1 Sex: female Info: Sara is a curious friendly kitty she loves to explore and cuddle she gets along with kids but doesn’t like to be picked up. She is a very vocal happy kitty she likes to greet you when you come home and loves attention when she wants attention she will let

Snowball adoption $100

Age: 1-3 years Sex: Male Info: Snowball is a character in development. He is a very curious and active cat. We're still trying to figure out what makes him tick. Snowball gets overstimulated easily and goes from zero to a hundred real quick. He is quite playful and enjoys chasing lasers as well as wand

Karen adoption by donation

Age: 2 Sex: Female Karen is, well, what you would imagine. She’s sassy, but it’s only because she’s scared. She’s new to the Cat Forest so she’s quite nervous around people. Karen is semi-feral. We’ve had a number of semi-feral kitties in the past, and one thing we learnt from experience is that the key


Age: 4 months Sex: female Info: She is snuggly, rambunctious, and quite the little energy ball! She loves spending her days chasing her toys, pretending to be on the hunt. She can be timid around new people and tends to be on the shy side before she warms up to you. Once she is comfortable

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