Age: 1.5 years approx
Sex: Male

Bonded to Bubuh.

He is the more independent of the two and takes awhile to warm up, he has never hissed or been aggressive to us but is definitely more cautious. He will allow you to pet him if you don’t touch his head…he really wants to jump on my lap but is not quite there yet. He loves treats and is very playful, he is a jumper and loves tunnels and cat trees. You can pick him up but he will really struggle if you try and put him in a kennel. Great litter box habits, currently using pellets. He likes our cat but is terrified of our small dog. You can brush him, I have not attempted to cut his nails but I think it would be difficult until he trusts you. He likes to be brushed. I really feel that once he is in a permanent home where he can roam he will be far more social. He likes all treats!

Location: Foster Care