Age: 5

Sex: Male

Info: Bentley (right) came to us just after having most of his teeth extracted. He is a very sweet, but shy boy who is still learning to trust people, and has come a very long way from first fighting us while receiving his pain medication and antibiotics. Adorable and scruffy, Bentley has a bit of a vampire look to him, with his fresh lion-cut and remaining front teeth. He is a very curious and playful kitty, who loves his feather wand and catnip mice, as well as exploring our kitchen counters. Spider hunting is his specialty. Bentley needs a family who will be understanding of his past, and will let him take his time to come to them. He truly does love being in the company of his people once he gets comfortable. Sometimes he will sneak onto the bed while you are sleeping to cuddle, and will surprise you with his presence and loud purrs upon waking. He is very curious about our caged pets (birds and guinea pigs) but does not seem to have a high prey drive. Bentley also loves cuddling up to his foster buddy, and brother from another mother, Winter – especially in between the crook of your legs. Bentley could be okay with respectful dogs and older children – he likes to give love bites when being pet and will let you know when he’s had enough.”

“Winter (left) is a younger kitty with a very soft coat and baby kitten meow. He LOVES catnip and it turns him into the biggest cuddle bug you’ve ever seen. Tummy rubs and chin scratches are his favourite, especially when his foster brother Bentley is there to share the love. Winter is very playful and enjoys hunting his wand toys – he will play for hours on end if you let him. Taking it at his own pace, Winter loves getting into things and exploring. He enjoys looking out of windows and climbing on shelves as well. Winter is a gentle soul who has been through a lot, so he needs a family who can be patient with him, and won’t take his hisses personally when he sometimes gets spooked. As soon as he recognizes that you didn’t mean to sneak up on him, he will roll onto his back and show you his tummy. He is the sweetest boy and not shy at all when it comes to cuddles and affection (either with people, or Bentley). Winter could be okay with respectful dogs and older children.”

Both need a home together

Location: Tswassen Bosleys