Age: 4 years
Sex: Males

These bonded boys are two of the sweetest, most gentle cats you will meet. They are quiet and have very
calm dispositions. Buddy and Taz have a lot of love to give, are very friendly and love to be pet. They will need to be brushed regularly and love being brushed. Good with other calm
cats. Both boys are very cautious in new situations and environments and will need some time to adjust to new surroundings. They will do best starting in a smaller, quiet room and will need somewhere to retreat to and hide in/behind as they adapt to their new home and new people. Buddy and Taz are not active cats but they did start to play with wands and foil balls with us in the late evenings. Both these boys were fed a dry food only diet and Temptations in their
previous life. They will need a family willing to help them transition to a more balanced diet. Taz was the first one to want to explore more rooms of the house. His talent is opening
cupboards and doors. Taz will tap you when he wants pets. Buddy loves to cuddle with you. He would like a higher spot to perch on and prefers chicken flavour food and treats.

Location: Foster Care