Age: 10 months
Sex: Female

Canoli is a beautiful ginger girl that is so cute and little you just want to squeeze her! Canoli is very loving and playful with other cats. She is best suited to a patient and quiet home with at least one cat.

Canoli was discovered living in a horrific situation under an electricity box. This means that she is small for her age and has a head tilt. She is also missing a back leg. Despite her sad story she is very mobile and plays like most other young cats. She can jump just as high as her friends with four legs. She also has the capacity to love humans but it will take a bit of time before she can trust. Watching her social feline friends interact with humans will expedite this process.

Naji and Latte (not ready yet) are her current friends if you have room for more than one feline in your household. Their love and friendliness towards their fosters are helping Canoli tremendously.

Location: Panorama Petsmart