Age: 10 weeks Sex: Female Info: The sweetest little pug faced kitten with silver frosted tips! Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart


Age: 2 years Sex: Female Info: Mum to the breakfast named kittens. She is sweet and friendly but wants to be the only cat in a home with no dogs. Location: Coquitlam Petsmart


Age: 12 weeks Sex: Male Info: Quiche is a little shy but is slowly coming round to enjoying affection from people. Location: Coquitlam Petsmart  


Age: 5 years Sex: Female Info: She is very sweet but a little nervous until she knows you better. She has just raised 3 beautiful kittens.She would like a home with no young children. She is very scared of brooms most likely due to being abused with one in the past. Location: Coquitlam Petsmart