Age: 4 years Sex: Female Info: Very sweet quiet girl , good with other cats from a distance but will run away from them if they get too close. Would prefer a quieter home. Location: Cambie Petsmart


Age: 6 months Sex: Male Info: Good with cats, dogs and parrots. Best friends with his sister Obi Wan Location: Coquitlam Petsmart


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Info: very sweet, good with other cats. Location: Chilliwack Petsmart


Age: 3 years Sex: Male Info: Very sweet boy, good with other cats. Location: Strawberry Hill Petsmart


Age: 2 years Sex: Male Info: This very sweet boy has had a hard life but is patiently waiting for a home to snuggle in! Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart


Age: 3 years Sex: Male Info: VOTE FOR PEDRO! Pedro is a very sweet 2 year old Persian cat. He’s great with other cats and dogs. He has one crippled leg but still uses it to walk and scratch behind his ear. The doctors said he may get more use out of it if he has


Age: 1 year Sex: Female Info: Very friendly and playful. Likes to play in her water bowl\ Location: Chiliwack Petsmart


Age: 4 years Sex: Male Info: 4 year old very sweet quiet boy. Brother to Jill Location: Strawberry Hill Petsmart