Age:Adult female Sex: Female Info: Her foster says... Mila came to us November last year. She was timid and shy for the first couple of weeks, and she was very skinny and small. Now after 3 months, she's gained weight, and she's very active. Her favorites are to play with a mouse toy, and follow


Age: 10 Sex: Female Info: Hello! My name is Mayflower and I'm about 10 years old. I've been through a lot in my life, so definitely need someone who will be patient and loving as I take my time getting comfortable with you. I'm quite timid, particularly with people & loud noises, but I love my


Age: 11 month old male Sex: Male Info: Hi my name is Tok Tik. I only have one eye but it does not hinder me. I am a lovable, confident cutie who is full of energy but also loves affection. My foster mom always knows when I need something because I will meow to let


Age: 2 years Sex: Female Yuki is an independent, dainty cat. She can be skittish but will spend more time with you as she becomes more accustomed to you. She spent her first week with her foster under the couch but has since been spending time in other found spots around the place. She enjoys


Age: Young adult Sex: Male Info:This special boy had an awful past experience and was hit by a car, which lead to some nerve damage and a few little glitches. He has the sweetest chirp and will trill excitedly at you when he hears your voice and loves to have his plush coat stroked. He