Mimi is the friendliest cat we've ever come across fostering. She loves being petted and enjoys a good cuddle. She is curious and plays well with other cats and kids.


Smokey, or Smokey Joe as he is affectionately known by his foster family, is a sassy little snuggle bug in the making. With his little black nose and eyeliner, he is going to grow up to be a very handsome chap, made all the more special by his short tail. He enjoys pets and belly


Stevie Sex: Male Age: Young Adult Stevie is an explorer that likes to roam around the forest in search for something to get his paws on. He usually keeps to himself and engages in play when something that resembles a bug flies around. He’s a bit on the shy side and takes a little while


Sex: Male Age: 1 year 8 months Pengu is a mild-mannered scottish fold boy with a cute black button nose. He has a preference for non-chaotic situations and usually hangs around the backroom waiting for cuddles from the staff. He loves to have his soft coat stroked while he stares at you lovingly. Must be


Meeko Sex: Male Age: 1 year 5 months Meeko is a relaxed black and white boy who likes to hang out lazily on a cat tree. He loves cuddles and attention so he always hangs out where the people are! He's very receptive to affection and will roll over to show his belly and ask


Kitty III Sex: Female Age: 1 year 1 month Kitty is a sweet, innocent looking little kitty that absolutely enjoys jumping up to you as if she’s about to start slow dancing with you. She likes to nestle her head under your chin and give YOU chin scratches with her tiny, wet nose. She’s one


Sex: Male Age: 2 years Bert is a friendly giant that likes to pretend he’s a petit boy who likes to stuff himself into small openings around the cat forest. He’s as loyal as a dog and won’t leave your side after you gain his trust. All it takes is a couple of really good


Age: 5 months Sex: Female Info: This is lily (Jewel) she is very strong willed but also loves her cuddles on her terms lol. She will lay calmly beside you then give you love bites when you need to pay attention to her. She is also great with kids and dogs. Location: Foster Home


Age: 5 months Sex: Male Info: Gem aka gimpy but don’t let his bum leg fool you, he can play, run and climb better then the other cats. He is very affectionate and comes when his name is called. He plays hard all day but come night time he loves his cuddles and will sleep right