Bingo and Magnet

Bingo: Age: 7 months Sex: Male Info: Loves attention, whether you’re making him chase you around the house, giving him chin scratches, or cuddling with him (watch out though: he’s a biter!). He’s also very vocal, especially when there’s dry food around, and can be quite destructive. He might sometimes get annoyed by his bonded

Emily and George

Age: 8 months Sex: Male and Female Info:George: He is super friendly and loves to be pet and cuddled. When it come to playing, he can play for hours with you, but keep in mind he gets plenty of good sleep under sun light during daytime. He loves his canned food and treats he gets hungry

Bucephalus and Chocobean

Bucephalus Age: 9 months old Sex: Male Chocobean Age: 5 months old Sex: Male They are the sweetest bonded pair. Their favourite things are food and treats, wrestling and chasing after each other (or you), and playing with small stuffed toys, boxes and balls. They love cuddling and sitting in laps - often the same


DOB: 4/20 Sex: Male Info: Good with cats and people, can be shy at first so a calm patient family is needed Location: Catoro Cafe  


Age: 3 year old Sex: Female Info: Bella is a friendly, sweet cat who loves head rubs. She doesn’t like being held, but will happily come and climb all over you. She is very curious and playful. She was attacked by other cats so does not like her back end touched. She needs a home

Penny and Ricky

Age: 4-5 years Sex: Female and Male Info: this sweet friendly bonded pair want nothing more than a loving home to keep you company and cuddle with you. They must stay together. Penny has a bad hip (likely will improve with some weigh loss) so has a limp, she has seen our vet and had


Age: 11 months Sex: Male Must be adopted with GreyVery sweet cat. Can be shy likes pets but terrified of you trying to pick him up. He surrendered an abusive past never really having a home so once settled into a family will gain trust to be held.Location: Panorama Petsmart


Age: 1 year old Sex: Male Info: Persian x Must be adopted with Milh Good with other cats very calm. Location: Panorama Petsmart

Kitty Poo

Age: 12 Sex: Male Info: Kitty Poo is our freckled senior resident. This 12-year-old boy can be a little nervous at first, like any old man, but once he gets used to a new situation he quickly warms up to you. He loves to circle around your feet and ask you for food and pets. He

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