Freedom Age/DOB: 2 years Sex: Male Freedom is an independent, fun loving and easy going guy. Freedom has a puffy raccoon like tail and fluffy soft coat. Freedom is low maintenance cat that will adapt to his new environment in a relatively short time. He is affectionate, playful, curious, and entertaining. He makes cute little


Nevra Age: 5 years approx Sex: Female Nevra is a big beautiful girl with a shiny black coat and big green eyes. She is a little reserved initially but soon adapts to her new surroundings and then her sweet easy going nature appears. Nevra purrs easily and enjoys hanging out and chilling with her human


Mocha (Starz) Age: 3/2021 Sex: Female Mocha (Starz) is a sweet small girl who likes to sit on window sills and watch the birds and play with toys. She loves to be pet and gives you kisses to show her appreciation. She'll follow you through the house rubbing against your shins and jumping to rub


Tina Age: about 9 months Sex: Female Tina is very feisty with a lot of spirit. She doesn't like dogs or other cats really. She has high energy and needs someone that can play with her and let her run around the house. She likes to be pet but on her terms. Location: Marine Way

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