Sylvie Age: 2 years approx (although she looks and acts more like a kitten) Sex: Female This little kitty came to us with a cute little growl and purr. She was very affectionate right out of the carrier and loves to snuggle and play. Although she loves coming over for a scratch and a visit


Kuzco Age: 3 Sex: Male Info: Very affectionate sweet boy who is good with cats, dogs and kids. He can be picky with the type of litter he likes and typically likes the softer clumping types as well as more than one litter box. He is a Scottish fold. Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart


Abby Age: 5 Sex: female Info: Abby‘s owner died suddenly and unexpectedly and she is currently looking for a new forever family. Abby is a big beautiful girl with a lovely long Calico coat that she keeps in optimal condition. She is a little shy but super friendly. She loves treats and pets. Sadly Abby’s


Ojos Age: 2 years approx Sex: Male He likes seeking attention and enjoys staying with people. He doesn’t seem to like heights much, but he does like staying in caves. He doesn’t like playing toys much. He likes Temptations chicken flavour as treats. Ojos can be very shy and timid when just arrives in a


Mango Age: 6 years approx Sex: Male Precious boy! This is Mango. A sweet happy boy who loves a life of pets (which he encourages with head bumps), warm laps, belly rubs, yummy cat food/treats and outside views. He's pretty easy going. Sometimes he prefers a covered place to sleep (ie under the sofa) and


Vivian Age: 1-3 years Sex: Female Vivian is a very sweet and friendly cat. She does not hesitate to greet new humans and enjoys being around people who will give her lots of pets. Vivian loves to snuggle! She will often come and nudge you with her head when she is looking for attention. Her


Sister Age: 2 years approx Sex: Female Sister is a very shy but sweet cat. She loves her ears and cheeks scratching, and will let you pet her forever. She doesn’t like to be pick up unless your are the chosen one. Sister is very cautious about her surroundings. Any loud noise and sudden movement


Chloe Age: 1 year approx Sex: Female Chloe is such a sweet, affectionate and playful girl. She loves to be around people and say hi to everyone. She loves to be petted on her head and under chin. After rubbing her back she‘ll show you her tummy for more massage. She will let you pick


Eva Age: 1 yr Sex: Female She was very frightened when we got her and it is taking a long time to see some progress. She is very sweet and loves chin and ear scratches, she is just getting used to being pet and touched. She does not like to be picked up at all.


Pierogi Age: 1 year approx Sex: Female She is very timid but once she’s comfortable, she’s talkative, playful and affectionate. She has beautiful eyes and a wonderful coat. She has great manners around her human, she doesn’t bite or scratch. She loves to cuddle, only on her own terms, and bonds quickly. She would do

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