Age: 1 year old Sex: Female Info:Very sweet girl loves other cats and seems to be indifferent to dogs. She is quiet had good manners. Location: Bosleys Tsawwassen


Missy 6 month old female Located at Chilliwack Petsmart She started out as 'the angriest kitten in the world' and earned herself the name Hissy. Fast forward to today and she has become the quietest and sweetest little 'Missy' around. Hissy/Missy is still a shy and timid girl, but once she is comfortable she is


Age: 1 year Sex: Female Info: good with other cats and children Location: Surrey Petland


Age: 9 weeks Sex: Female Info: very playful, good with cats and children. Location: Surrey Petland  

Cheddar and Marmalade

Cheddar (white paws, 5 years) and Marmalade (6 Years). Shy, but very loving boys. We are always cuddling, and need to be adopted together. Located at Langley Tisol. These two came from terrible conditions and are then thrown out into the cold. They haven’t had ally of security in their lives except for each other.


Age: 2 years Sex: Female Info: Cat is a very sweet playful girl who had been with us since early summer. She is eagerly and patiently waiting for a forever family. Location: Strawberry Hill Petsmart


Age: 6 months Sex: female Info: Quite the princess, comes when called. Fire feels like butter. Enjoys cuddling, loves touching you with her paws and sleeping under the covers. Location: Chilliwack Petsmart