Age: 3 years Sex: Male Info:Peter is a 3 year old bengal. Peter like any bengal is very chatty and active and needs a home that can play with him daily. He prefers wheat litter. Location: Cambie Petsmart


Age: 1 year Sex: Male Info: Sylvester gets along really well with other cats. He's a little skittish at first. But he will come around when he trusts. Location: Strawberry Hill Petsmart

Romeo and Juliette

Age: 2 years Sex: Male and Female Info: We wish for them to stay together. At least this version could have a happy ending!! Romeo is adorable & loving. He's super sweet & loves other animals & people. Juliet needs time & patience. She is very dependent on Romeo & attached to him. They were both


Age: 1 year Sex: Female Info: Tiny was rescued from the horrible situation we encountered in the summer of 12 cats in small rusted cages full of feces. Nothing was protecting them outside in the elements except for an old dirty tarp so they did not even see the sunshine. Tiny can be held and pet


Age: 2 years old Sex: Female Info: Very friendly and great with other cats. Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart


Age: 3 years Sex: Female Info: I am very friendly and am blind in one eye but it does mot affect me at all :) I would love a home with my friend Razzi Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart


Age: 2 years Sex: Female Info: Very sweet but a little shy would love a home with her friend Matilda. Location: Maple Ridge Petsmart