Age: 10 months

Sex: female

Cleo is an adventurous cat who loves to play with her toys and with her bonded pal Tatiana. Once she gets to know you she is an affectionate girl, and loves getting pets, and will happily sit on your lap for a cuddle. She loves to lounge around during the day in between playing. She LOVES her food and will sometimes try to eat Tatiana’s food if no one’s watching!


Age: 3

Sex: female

Tatiana is a sweet, gentle and inquisitive girl who will take her time to warm up to a new environment. She loves to explore and climb and watch the birds outside the window. She loves hanging out with humans around but will wait until you’ve earned her trust before she comes out for pets. She loves playing with toys, especially balls, and loves playing and grooming with Cleo.

Location: Grandview Tisol

Must be adopted together´┐╝