Age: 2 years approx
Sex: Female

Cookies is the most attention seeking, cuddly, extroverted cat ever! Her reason for living is to be by any human’s side. She will follow you into every room, wait for you outside the shower and get in the way of anything that has your attention for too long (like a phone, laptop, or book.). She even flops down at your feet when you’re using the bathroom! She has no problem vocalizing when she feels like she needs attention (which is pretty often). She is also a very smart girl and has solved the food puzzles her foster family gave her with ease. She will happily spend the whole night cuddled up with you in bed and will wake you up by pawing/licking your face when she decides it’s time to wake up! She’s fearless when it comes to meeting new people and thrives when she’s the centre of attention. Cookie will do best in a home where her humans can devote a lot of time to playing/ cuddling/ showing her LOTS of affection. She requires a lot of attention, but will absolutely pay it back in unconditional love and kisses. She has recently begun learning how to play fetch too.

Location: Foster Care (Tisol Grandview after 6/18/22)