Age: 10 months

Sex: male

Info: Daisky is a super friendly and affectionate, playful kitty. He has the personality of a puppy dog in the best way possible. He’s a big cuddle bug who loves to sit on your lap. His fur is silky soft and he loves to be pet. He loves to chase and catch the wand toys and is so funny to play with. He’s quite the acrobatic cat. He loves to cuddle with other cats as well and would do well in a home with others. Good with kids but he has a gentle, playful bite and needs to work on his manners. He’s a bit of a messy eater and likes to eat with his hands, scooping food up with his paws and putting it in his mouth but he also knows how to eat properly and less messy so a bit of training will help him be more tidy. He’s fully litter box trained. He was quite scared and shy at first in his foster home and took a few days to come out and say hi, but once he felt safe he was full of love and cuddles. Give him a bit of time and he’ll love you for life.

Location: Foster home