Age: 5 months

Sex: Female

Info: Elvira *would like to be adopted with her brother, Grandpa*

Born with a neurological condition called Cerebellar hypoplasia, commonly referred to as “Drunk Cat Syndrome” or “Wobbly Cat Syndrome”, Grandpa has a smaller than normal cerebellum which causes unsteadiness on his feet, balance issues & head tremors. Cats with CH often live normal lives but require a bit of extra consideration on their living environment & day to day care such as consistent bathing, a modified Litterbox for ease of access, carpeted floors for better traction, padding of hard or jagged surfaces to avoid injury & blockage of railings to avoid potential falls on staircases.

Don’t let her condition fool you however, Elvira doesn’t let his condition deter her, she scales the couch with ease and even jumps and pounces during play! She purrs up a storm, her favorite place is your lap or chest area, the best place to get endless loving! Elviras CH is moderate compared to her brothers but she is very loving and scales back her play to match his needs, she will groom him and cuddle up with him to sleep as well. If you are looking for not one but two special little purr muffins- you won’t regret opting for Grandpa & Elvira to join your family!

Location: Foster Home