Age: 1 year

Sex: Female

Info: Very affectionate and outgoing, good with other cats, dogs and kids. was found on the streets emaciated and pregnant. As she was starving for a very long time outside, her favourite thing to do is eat. She is already getting heavy for her size, so it is important to control her food intake. She also should only use tofu cat litter (or litter that is not dusty) as other litters can make her sneeze.

Eva and Bea. were slowly introduced to one another after they both were vaccinated. They are now like a big and little sister duo. They love each other very much: wrestling, playing, and cleaning each other. As Eva is very outgoing and confident, Bea. follows Eva around and gains confidence from being around her. It would be nice if they could be adopted together

Location: Cambie Petsmart