Age: 1 year

Sex: Female

Info: Gemma is a young and active girl with lots of personality. She had a bad start in life but you would never know it. She remains fearless and still has loads of room in her heart for humans. She is a goer and loves to play and get lots of loving. She has a loud and persistent purr. She will thrive with some dedicated cuddle and playtime. She gets around pretty well despite her injuries. Her big eyes and permanent grin will make you smile. She keeps her long beautiful coat nice and clean and has good litter box habits. Because of her jaw, she should mainly be on a soft food diet although she can eat hard food as well. She is quick to investigate new surroundings so should adapt quickly to any home. Cats and dogs are likely okay.

She suffered some injuries causing a broken jaw and pelvis which is now healed

Location: Foster care