Jack is a beautiful, energetic and playful guy. He came out of a horrific abuse situation and is still learning to trust humans- but he is making up for lost time in a very playful way! He likes to have the bed as his cover but will bat at anything that comes near to play- toes included- but no claws! He is loving wand toys to hunt, chasing his tail and chasing imaginary flies around. He has a good play session most mornings and evenings and is beginning to adventure out from under the bed more during the day.
He was estimated at about 2 years old and may be making up for a lost kittenhood!
He is chatty and will come close when his humans are sitting still (on the floor or in the washroom!) and will give occasional head bumps to say it’s ok to give him a little scratch. He will rub on your back and on anything close by while kneading the floor- he wants cuddles but is still learning to overcome his fear. He will undoubtedly grow more comfortable with time.
He has been quite dominant with his co-foster so would need the right fit as far as other pets in the home. He has been getting used to older kids (9-11) so would likely be ok over time- but is still more comfy with adults.
He needs a loving home ready for his nutty exuberance!