Joey is a friendly and vocal cat. He likes to coo to greet you and likes to be pet and lie on his side when he is comfortable with you. When eating, he may scoop food with hands at first but will eat from the dish after a few “hand scoops”. He may get distracted, leaving his food to go eat Tess’ food, and requires you to remind him by placing his food dish in front of him again. Best to wait and let Joey finish eating his food and remove the dish from the room rather than leave him alone with food (you may come back to find some food has runaway and landed on the table or floor!).
In terms of care, Joey will also require daily brushing to reduce hairballs. He sheds lots of soft black hair. While brushing Joey, he will even roll on his back to let you brush his belly and legs! Joey does not mind being picked up for a short while. Joey loves scratching cardboard scratchers, carboard sheets, and egg cartons!
No litter box problems. Best suited for a home with people who can scoop litter 2 or 3 times a day. Joey is bonded with Tess.