Age: 4 years
Sex: Male

Jsoor is a contrast of black and white as well as sensible grownup and silly juvenile. He Is fun, mischievous, friendly and independent.

Jsoor is an easy low maintenance roommate and will quickly settle into his forever home. He is a tripod – missing his front leg – but that just makes it easier for him to roll over for belly rubs. Like most tripods he can get around just as well as his able feline friends.

Jsoor is very adaptable and would suit almost any loving and safe home or business. He is great with kids and cats. He is still not keen on dogs but a cat friendly dog with no prey drive might be okay with him eventually.

Jsoor loves food a bit too much so care must be taken to keep his weight to a more manageable level for his three legs. He is very loving but not so keen on vets. He needs to be approached slowly and gently when doing things that he might not like.

Location: Panorama Petsmart