Age: 8 months
Sex: Female

She’s very independent but likes to be around and likes head and back pets.
Lily is an independent sweetheart who likes to chase balls, wands, do backflips in the air while is playing and loves head and body scratches as pets. Her level of energy is high so she needs a place where she’s able to have scratchers, cat trees, places to go up and down that she can spend her energy. She gets along with other cats and likes to be their friends. She’s also food motivated so whenever she smells it she goes after to find it. She is super bonded with her sister Luna and the ideal adoption would be them together. Her relationship with Luna is great but sometimes Lily steals Luna’s food (when she’s not being supervised or separated at meals time) and when Luna is playing with a human. She is super cute and curious. I am 100% sure who adopts them and give them love is going to have a great time and lots of laughs. They make a great team!

Location: Foster Care