Age: 8

Sex: male

This absolutely gorgeous boy is Lincoln, an 8 year old Savannah. Lincoln is not only gorgeous but he has the personality to match. He is the sweetest boy who wants all the chin and head scratchies he can get! He seeks out affection and gives the best head bumps too.

Lincoln was surrendered to a Vet for euthanasia after being used for breeding when it was discovered he had developed Diabetes. Lincoln has flourished in foster care. His care is quite easy, he currently requires insulin shots twice a day every twelve hours and a special diet. He takes his insulin very well and is looking for his forever home. Lincoln will need a home that can help him manage his food and medicine and understands how to care for him and will take him to the Vet for regular monitoring. His Diabetes is well managed.

Lincoln has met other cats and a small dog in his foster home and has shown he is unfazed by new friends. While he doesn’t enjoy being picked up, he loves attention and would love some warm laps to snuggle up in. He also loves wand toys, paper balls and his window seat, watching the birdies.

Lincoln is a Savannah and has the cutest meow and can be quite chatty, he loves to talk to you about his day. Lincoln uses the litter box with no issues, prefers his box very clean however a high sided one would be appropriate for him as he gets a little over-zealous when covering up his business.

If you’re looking for an an affectionate, loving and gorgeous kitty to share your life with, Lincoln is the one!

Location: foster home