Age: 4

Sex: female

Breed: small chihuahua

Lola is a four year old Chihuahua mix. She is a high energy dog with lots of love to give her person!
I don’t think Lola has ever met anyone or any animal she didn’t like, she’s so friendly! She has lived with kids, small and large dogs, cats and even a tortoise.
Lola loves to dress up with no fuss on her part. She walks on a harness and leash great, she loves to go! When it’s time for bed Lola dives under the covers to snuggle and sleep.

Lola‘s shortcomings are she is a connoisseur of cat food and likes to chew. Her chewing isn’t destructive, not on shoes, clothes, things like that. More sticks and stuff from the yard. She enjoys playing with rope toys to tug with.
Whoever adopts Lola is getting a great companion with lots of love and fun in store for them!

Adoption fee $500

Adoption includes
Rabies vaccine
Dhpp vaccine x2
Vet exam
Collar, leash, harness
$300 coupon book to petsmart
6 weeks free pet insurance

To apply please email with subject LOLA (do not send in the online cat application)