Age: 9 years

Sex: Male

Info: This handsome black panther is Lucky.  He is a senior boy that has had a very rough life. But despite all he has gone through he is the sweetest and most laid back boy ever! He is just happy to take a snooze on the window sill and sleep the day away. He is a gentle and sweet soul that deserves to have a pampered life with a family that will give him lots of love. He accepts pets willingly and purrs up a storm to let you know he is content. He is a total sweetheart.
Lucky has lived with other cats and is currently in foster with his two friends Chance and Spirit.  He would be fine living with another feline or two that are laid back and gentle like him or he could be the only king of his domain.

Lucy has had a full blood panel and dental work done. Adoption is $100 or free to a senior adopter.

Location: Foster home available for viewing.