Age: 1 year approx
Sex: Female

Little Lucy is very shy and scared of literally everything in the beginning. She will be mostly hiding in her new place at first and needs time and patience to warm up to her new person and familiarize herself with her new surrounding. Lucy does not like noise or sudden unexpected movements. She prefers a quieter lifestyle and will agree to action and playtime on her terms. This beautiful little panther girl is extremely cuddly and loving once bonded strongly to her person. If you have her trust she’ll come greeting you at the door, already purring. And oh, her motor is strong. She loves pets and back scratches, will give elevator butts and lean into your hand for more of that love. She’ll also flop over and ask you to give full belly rubs. Lucy has a lot to say, but always speaks in tiny. Her meows are sometimes very quiet, barely audible, sometimes the cutest little squeaks you could imagine, it’s very adorable. She tolerates being picked up and carried easily, as long as you continue to cuddle her. While not really a lap cat (yet), she sure likes to be close to her human at all times. Lucy is a good soccer player and enjoys catnip toys and chase games a lot too. She has her very playful moments, but often switches between cuddles and playtime, all while the purr machine keeps going. She’s not the biggest eater yet, but has already increased her daily intake and gained some more weight while in our care. She will eat a small amount of wet food and likes her little kibbles. Lucy loves treats as well which can be of use to help her get used to you quicker.
This little sweetheart is looking for a patient, quiet and loving home to call her own. Lucy did not warm up to my teenager daughter – she kept hissing and growling at her at all times – and was not interested in making friends with my husband either. She has also been more passive while sharing a room with her former feline friend and couldn’t quite keep up with her advanced form of play. Other cats (both residents and fosters) did not seem to be of any interest to her. A single person without any children or other pets would be the best fit for little Lucy.

Location: Coquitlam Petsmart