Age: 6

Sex: Male

Info: Luke (orange tabby) & Leia are brother and sister, about 6 years old. They both enjoy playing with wand type toys & catnip pillows/kicker toys. They enjoy a cat tree, cardboard or sisal scratchers & watching the world outside a window. They also use the litter box well. Their temperament is sweet & calm plus they are fans of butt and head scratches, and even some belly rubs. Leia warms up to you pretty quickly & Luke might take a few hours or more but once he gets some pets, he is happy to spend time close to you. They were previously in a home with a baby & have done well around other children. Neither are big on being held much but will most certainly cuddle near or on you. Luke has a history of urinary crystals but as long as he eats urinary care food, stays hydrated & has some wet food, he is healthy.

Must be adopted with Leia

Location: Foster home