Luna (Right) & Sunny (Left)

Adult Females

Luna is another shy girl with a cute heart shaped nose, who is taking her time to get used to the cat forest and all the attention. Luna is braver than her sister Sunny and tends to explore her surroundings with a bit more confidence. She, too, needs a patient, understanding and loving home to help her flourish into a sweet kitty. Both sisters like to nest together in secluded, warm spaces like laundry baskets and boxes of your favourite stuff.
Sunny is a very shy and timid girl. She’s still trying to get used to the environment here at the cat forest and is taking her time trusting us. From experience of fostering other kitties with trauma or anxiety, we know that she will blossom into the sweet girl that she is, she just needs a loving and patient home to help her to do that. Sunny is bonded with her sibling Luna.

Located at Catoro Cafe