Age: 7 years

Sex: Female

Info: Hi, my name is Millie. I am looking for a loving family who can accept me as the quiet, low energy kitty that I am. I am a mature kitty (7 years old) who has learned good manners – I use the scratch post, rarely go on counters and listen when you say no. What young kitty does that! But I do confess that I am a little set in my ways. I am an early riser (5am) but usually will settle back down if you want. I snooze most of the day in my favorite place under your bed, probably even when you aren’t home. When I feel social I come out to say hi and chat with quiet meows and with hope that you will pet or brush me. When I am comfortable I will spend more time with you in the evening but prefer not to be picked up or lie on laps. Play is not as important as sleep….unless catnip is involved. Recently I was introduced to videos for cats. What fun!

Location: Foster home