Age: 2 years old

Sex: Female

Info: This sweet dilute calico lady is Molly. She came to CTRS as a stray and was severely emaciated. After many months in foster care gaining weight and energy back, this approximately 2 year old is looking for her forever home!
Her foster Mom says she is the easiest cat she has ever met-she loved her foster siblings (cats and dogs) right away and loves to play and snuggle with them. She is very playful, sometimes chatty in a cute way, and absolutely loves wand toys, mice or anything she can get her paws on to play with. Molly is also an excellent jumper!
Molly has zero issues with using the litter box as well and has never shown any signs of aggression.
Molly will do best in a home with a young friend to play with and would be great with kids. So far she hasn’t shown she is a lap cat but she will snuggle by your feet in bed every night.
As a a result of her time as a stray and being emaciated, Molly had some dental issues and had most of her teeth removed except her canines. She also has early stage Kidney disease which is managed with a Veterinary diet of mostly wet food, all though she still can eat dry food as well. Molly is young and healthy aside from this and may need regular vet visits to monitor her condition. Molly is truly the sweetest lady and would make an amazing addition to someone’s life!

Location: Foster care