Age: 5 years
Sex: Male

Naji is a special boy and quickly wins the hearts of everyone who meets him. He has a creamy orange and white coat and makes fast friends with everyone he meets.

He is surprisingly adaptable and is great with cats and older children. Naji is playing the role of protective big brother to Canoli and a good roommate to Ovi, Jsoor and Brandy. He would probably be okay with a cat friendly well behaved dog.

Naji means survivor and he certainly earned that name. Naji was found in deplorable conditions and is missing a front limb as well as a back limb on the opposite side. Although he suffered from so much, he has so much love to give. He is one of the friendliest cats ever. He won’t have the best climbing or jumping skills but he is still able to move about and climb into the elevated cat bed on his own. Setting up his area you will want to provide areas for him that are not too high, safe and cosy. Once he is in his new space let him explore on his own so that he can move around independently and build up strength in his remaining limbs. New humans should approach him slowly at first just so he knows you are friend not foe. He will need gradual changes to his diet and a little assistance grooming himself. He loves food a bit too much so care must be taken to keep his weight to a more manageable level. He has no trouble getting to the litter box and has good toilet manners.

His forever home will need to be safe, warm and loving. He would fit in almost anywhere that is looking to add some personality to their environment. It is recommended that he has some calm friendly feline friends as he really enjoys being with other cats as well as humans.

Location: Panorama Petsmart