Sex: Male

Info: Hi, I’m Neko! I have smaller eyes which makes me extra cute. Once I settle in, you’ll fall in love with my cheeky and affectionate personality right away. I like to talk and have an unique meow that sounds like a kitten’s whine. I have the best temper and will never scratch or bite. I prefer to cuddle beside you on the bed at night. I’m also a very active and playful kitty with lots of energy. I absolutely love chasing feathered, string, and ball toys. So I’m looking for a home with people around who can give me lots of attention and space in the house to run around when I get the zoomies. I get excited easily so will prefer a home without young children. I am very friendly but have not been tested with other cats and dogs yet.

I love food but have a sensitive tummy so I will need to be kept on a partially raw diet (Some dried kibble, treats and cooked chicken is okay, no canned food).

Location: Foster care