Age: 10 months

Sex: male

Info: River is a one year old neutered male chihuahua, 10lbs. He was very sick with distemper but recovered fully with no neurological symptoms at all, lucky boy! He has a gorgeous face with expressive eyes full of love. He is a very sweet boy. He is good with other dogs and cats. He is sweet with people, he likes to be petted and can be picked up, but he is still shy and hesitates to go towards people on his own. He is a very calm, low energy dog, perfect couch potato!
He is lacking socialisation and has not seen the much of the world yet. He was kept confined and isolated due to his illness until now. He does not know how to walk on the leash and is really scared of new things, but he is learning! He is only trained to go on puppy pads but not fully house trained to go potty outside yet. He needs patient and careful people to show him the way. He is very much worth it, he always has the sweetest expression in his eyes and will melt your heart with his kind nature.

If you are interested in adopting please email With the subject RIVER.  please do not send in a cat application on our website as it is not sufficient and will be deleted. Meet abd greets will be set up after applications have been reviewed. At this time we can only accept local applicants in the lower mainland/Fraser valley.

Adoption fee is $600 and includes
Bordetella vxn
Two DHPP vxn
Rabies vaccination
Parvo and distemper test
Revolution treatment
Vet exam
4dx test
Collar, leash and harness
Jacket and some clothes
Big bag of food
6 weeks free pet insurance
Coupon book to petsmart valued at over $400 in savings.

Location: foster home in Fraser valley