Age: 2 years
Sex: Male

Romeo is a timid little sweetheart that has been through a lot in his first chapter of his life. He is very scared and careful in new situations, with new people, scents and sounds he doesn’t know. It takes a while to build his trust and help him come out of his comfort zone. He’ll be hiding in his new home in the beginning and only come out for food, water and the litter box if necessary. But don’t let that discourage you from working your way into this gentle giant’s loving heart. With patience he turns into a big cuddly bean that can’t get enough of pets. Good thing he’s very food motivated as well and can easily be convinced with treats that your hands and movements don’t mean any harm. Once he knows it’s safe and understands you’re his new person showering him with nothing but love, he’ll be out of his hiding spots more often, come up to you and ask for more cuddles and even allow you to scratch his tummy and brush him. Romeo did enjoy having multiple good hiding spots while in our care, especially cave-type ones seem to provide the right feeling of safety. When feeling scared or pressured he’d zoom away from you and tell you to please understand his boundaries. However, Romeo would never raise a paw to pick up a fight. In fact, the only ever time a single bad word even slipped over his lips was at the vet. It just shows what a soft natured sweet boy he is. This big lovebug enjoys good food and is exceptionally clean (he used to zoom out of his hiding over to the litter box and finish his business – quickly, but thoroughly – in record breaking seconds in the beginning). He really loves a good brush which makes it easy to keep his long-haired coat in great shape. He has not been seen playing with any inanimate objects and toys so far, but definitely grew more curious to moving ones and enjoys himself some good entertaining Cat TV.
Romeo will need a loving and understanding home with people that are very patient and willing to work with him to feel safe and settled in.
He is not a beginner cat and will need a stable daily routine without many surprises or action. A quiet and not too busy home without any small kids is recommended. Romeo shows interest in other cats and has exchanged words through the walls with the residents and fosters here many times. A sweet cat friend that’s confident but respectful would be a good match for him.

Location: Marine Way Petsmart