Age: teen

Sex: Female

Info: These two rambunctious teenage cats are very energetic and curious- no spot in your home will be left unexplored! They love tuna, scratching the couch, playing with toys and sweet kisses on the nose. They do tend to be noisy at night due to their ongoing intermittent wrestling championship. They both hate closed doors, sudden loud noises, rules of any kind and you spending time outside without them. Sarah is on the calmer side; independent but quite chatty, she adores birdwatching. She exclusively likes to drink from your water glass. She wants me to tell you that she doesn’t like being picked up and that she would really love to go outside!(supervised of course) Winnie ‘The Purring Machine’ on the other hand enjoys being in your arms and just generally in your presence. She expects to play with the running water while you wash your hands. Beware, she is OBSESSED with plants and she WILL EAT THEM!
Sarah and Winnie must be adopted together

Not ok with dogs.

Location: Foster Home