Age: 4 months
Sex: Female

Charlotte and Scarlet are the sweetest sisters! Cuddly, playful, gentle and affectionate. They were fearful and shy at first and took a few weeks to warm up but now they love being held and pet. They instantly purr and want nothing more than to snuggle up with you. Scarlet is more outgoing and she warmed up first, Charlotte was more timid but you’d never know it now. They are the best of friends and play for hours. Truly bonded, they cry when the other is out of sight.

I kept them separate from my resident kitties but they seemed curious and interested in being friends with them. They never hissed and seemed to want to play with them so I think they’d be good with other kitties and likely calm dogs. They were gentle when playing with me, they didn’t bite even when playing with my hands. I think calm, gentle, cat savvy kids should be fine with them as well but they do get nervous around loud noises and fast abrupt movements. They love to chase each other around and can’t get enough of wand toys and balls with bells. They really are the best kitties and the perfect pair!

Location: Foster Care (Marine Way Petsmart 9/4)