Age: 4

Sex: male

Info: Very shy boy at first, he spends most of his time hiding on a chair under the table, or under the tv desk, where he can see what is going on around. He is so fluffy that when he walks around, it looks like a big black cloud hovering slighly above ground. He has incredibly soft fur, and lets humans get close to him once he builds some trust. He will happily let humans pet him, groom him, even his belly, and he’ll purr, but all from the hiding spot. He has the potential to become a cuddle bug once he is more comfortable in his environment. With enough patience, he can be lured into playing with feather toys. He loves to play with his buddy Twix from a safe distance to his humans. He did not like wet food with salmon, but happily ate tuna, ocean whitefish and chichen. He didnt mind dry food with salmon. He is neat and tidy, does well with wood pellets.

Location: catoro cafe