Age: 7 months
Sex: Female

Carrie and her baby Sherri were found in a cage in someone’s yard, but despite their past, are the sweetest friendliest cats. Carrie is such a good Mom and really loves her baby. They are playful and affectionate to people and are friendly to visitors. Sherri is a little bitey when she’s looking for attention and wants to play. Always have a wand toy ready because that’s what she wants. She has never bitten any visitors or kids. Carrie is so cuddly and loves to be near you or on your lap snuggling. She has the softest fur and wants to be petted for as long as possible.
They both have excellent litter box habits.

Carrie and Sherri would love a home together.

Good with other cats and kids, not tested with dogs.

Location: Grandview Tisol