Age: 8 and 5

Sex: male

Must be adopted together

Sky is a very sweet and gentle soul. She loves head scratches and will love you fiercely if you can give her lots of attention. She can also be independent, but seems to prefer having a person around. She does well with older, calm and gentle children. Sky doesn’t seem to enjoy being picked up, but will tolerate it. Once she is comfortable with a person, she will crawl up into your lap for snuggles.
She is a cautious, curious and calm explorer. She tends to startle easily at sudden noises. Have not seen her take too much interest in cat toys, though if she were to choose, she’d go for string toys. Sky also enjoys being brushed and would require regular care/grooming of her beautiful long coat. She loves her bonded buddy, Solo, and they must be adopted together. Sky has the most sweet and gentle personality, and along with Solo, she will make a lucky person/family very happy!

Solo is a super sweet cat with a calm and quiet personality. Like his bonded buddy, Sky, he loves head scratches. He also loves rubbing up against people’s legs. He is a curious cat who likes to find different nooks and crannies in his explorations. Solo will snuggle up on your lap when he feels comfortable,which can take a little bit of patience. He exudes a very loyal personality. Solo doesn’t seem to prefer being picked up, but tolerates it and is very gentle. It appears that Solo is not a fan of dogs. Solo must be adopted with Sky. This pair is an amazing set of bonded cats and in return for respect, head scratches and food they will love you unconditionally. They would do best in a home with no young children or dogs.

Location: Panorama Petsmart