Age: 10

Sex: Male

Info: A senior boy (about 10) who is mostly blind and fearful of touch due to his disability & history. He has been learning “touch” as a cue that handling is about to happen and so far tolerated light touching about 1/3 of the time. With consistency & patience (plus the “warning” by saying “touch” prior to interaction) he will learn to not fear the unknown. He loves fresh catnip, can be a bit picky with his food (wet is best, watered down to make it easier to lick up) but loves to curl up and sleep most of the day away, as such he is looking for a retirement home to live out his final years. If your looking for a quiet, well mannered companion that will give you love blinks at a distance, Smokey is your guy!!

Smokey spent most of his life in a dirty cage in someone basement which was part of a large cruelty cease of animals. He needs to be on a kidney diet as he has minor elevated kidney values from his neglect.

Location: Foster Home