Age: 6

Sex: Female

Info: I am a 6-year old Maine Coon mix. I am a bit on the small side for a Main Coon, but I have pretty much all the look and personality traits of a one. You can read up on my ancestors online, just ask Google.

I have a smooth, shaggy coat to adapt to climate changes. I have tufts in my ears, and on my feet to keep warm in cold climates. Despite the length of my coat, I am very silky, which doesn’t tend to mat easily – if you run a brush through my hair a couple times a week. Use the brush gently, especially on my tail and tummy. I am patient during my quick grooms, but I don’t like having my hair pulled any more than you do, so if we find a mat, lets just quickly trim it out.
I am very particular about my litter box. I do like it scooped twice a day, once in the morning and again about dinner time.
I prefer you not touch my feet and I do use the available scratching posts to help keep my nails in good shape, but they are sharp, so be careful during play. Scratching posts are a very important item. I like different types such as cardboard, jute and carpet; I like them flat on the floor as well as upright. If you have leather furniture, I do tend to like to sink my nails into leather, however, if you put an acceptable scratcher beside the leather, I will use the it…at least 98% of the time.
I have a soft but hi-pitch meow when I am letting you know it is breakfast and supper time. I will talk to you while you prepare my wet food. And I free range on my kibble in between my meals.
My Personality
I can adapt to many lifestyles, am pretty social and like to be around people; but I am definitely not a lap cat, nor do I like to be picked up and held. I do have the habit of following you around the house supervising your daily activities and if you close a door on me, I will wait patiently for you to realize your error and open it again for me.
I want to be outside and will pay attention to your comings and goings from the door to the outside. If the right opportunity presents itself, I may attempt to run out that door. But I should be an indoor only cat to protect me from the dangers, such as being hit by a car. However, if you would want to build me a safe outdoor environment, such as a catio, I would enjoy that very much. Google has many ideas on how to build one or even buy.
I am not a big player, but I will play with a wand toy for a few minutes. I like chasing toys that move quickly like a mouse. To keep my girlish figure, I will run from room to room as fast as I can.
I may pee outside my litter box, to let you know that I am unhappy with a situation or change in the house hold. This is part of my dominancy trait. I would prefer to be an only cat, but will tolerate most other cats, as long as I can be top cat. Dogs I am not fond of either, and prefer to watch them from above. And children are unknown to me. I have not lived with any. I probably would be fine with older children but the younger ones, might try to pick me up or pull my tail, which may not go over so well.

Location: Located in a foster home for viewing