Age: 9 years

Sex: Female

Info: She is a very shy tuxie girl looking for that perfect home to call her own.

Spirit is quite nervous when meeting new people so she will need a quiet home with a family that will be patient and give her the time she needs to feel safe. She likes to hide in her safe place but has shown some progress while in foster. She gets scared when you try to pet her but she accepts pets and once she feels she is safe she will nudge closer to your hand for more… and when she is really comfortable she will purr softly and sometime even drool.

She is quite the playful girl when no one is watching and loves playing with toys and carry’s them around in her mouth.

Spirit has lived with other cats so she can live with other respectful felines.

A full blood panel and dental work has been done, adoption fee is $100 or free to a senior adopter.

Location: Spirit is currently in foster with her friends Lucky and Chance and available for viewing.