Age: 5 months

Sex: Male

Info: HI! I’m Stitch. I’m one of three brothers along with Olaf and Sebastian.

My brothers and I had a rough to start our lives and were found living under a porch. When we got to our foster parent’s house, we were scared, So we hissed a lot and weren’t the friendliest. But we’ve gotten used to these hoo-mans and I think we’ll get used to new ones too.

So I’ll admit it…. I really didn’t like it here at first. I know these hoo-mans were just trying to help but I was so scared of EVERYTHING. But since then, I’ve really started to get into this whole indoor living thing. I’m still a little jumpy…especially around new people…but once I get used to you, then you’re on the fast track to pets and purrs. I’m still not the biggest fan of being picked up, but I do like to observe the action. One thing I really love is LASERS. They are super fun to chase and when I see a hoo-man grab it, I start meowing with excitement! It’s my favourite!!

Since I’m a little shy, having my brother Sebastian really helps me come out of my shell so I hope there’s a home out there that can take my brother and I together. We’re probably best going to a home without small children because we can get scared by sudden movements from little hands. I don’t like dogs either, we had a visitor for a few days and I didn’t come out at all. So I would prefer a quiet home.

Location: Foster Home