Storm (adoption by donation)

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Storm is easy going and mild mannered despite his name.

He Is friendly, sweet, and engaged! He likes to be where the activity is, enjoys company, and will happily follow you around the house. Storm is quick to adapt, settle in, and is curious and confident. He is very sweet, affectionate, always down for a cuddle. When you are gaming or watching TV he likes to snuggle up on back of chair lick your head if you have short hair.

Storm is curious about the outdoors and might be a good candidate for harness and leash training providing it is done properly, safely and securely. Great videos from Jackson Galaxy and others if you are interested in learning more about leash training cats.

Storm has allergies that are easily managed with a diet that is free of chicken, turkey and grains. He is great with kids and cats. He is still adjusting to dogs – he thinks he is a tough guy – so will need slow and supervised introductions before you can convince him that dogs are not evil incarnate.

Location: foster home