Age: 6 months

Sex: Female

Info: Hi everyone, My name is Taiga

I am an affectionate, loving, 6 month old female that is partially paralyzed in my back legs.

I love being near you and will pull myself around to be with you. I am always there to greet you in the morning with a cute little meow. I enjoy being petted and cuddled and will head butt you to make you give my attention.
I need a home that can help me urinate 2-3 times daily. My foster mom will show you how to do this. Occasionally I will pee on a pee pad and I do try to go to the pee pad to have a poo however I don’t always get there at the moment. I needs bath or a wash of my back end every other day usually and I am so good and patient with that.

I get around very well overall and I can even climb a cat tree on occasion! I am extremely fast when I want to be.

Please love me and adopt me ❤️

Location: Catoro Cafe