Age: 6

Sex: Female

Info: Thelma is a sweet, sweet little girl. She is about 6 years old and her sticky-out tongue is her signature look.

She had bad teeth and was all matted. She now has 2 teeth left and a fancy lion cut that is growing back in nicely. She is MUCH happier although is still re-learning to groom herself and needs a little help by brushing- which she loves.

She is still very skittish while the humans are up and about, but is very curious and will hang around, just needs time when you move to skitter out of the way. Once the humans sit or lie down though, all bets are off and now that she has discovered how cozy a lap can be, she’s right in there. She will crawl over any obstacles (other felines included) to get into the coziest middle spot.

She is also re-discovering playing and loves wand toys and the laser pointer.

She’s tiny but is definitely an alpha cat! She will likely require some time to warm up to new humans but if they are calm and patient, it will be rewarded. She’s ok with kids and other cats.