DOB: 2019

Sex: Male

Info: Very energetic and at times unpredictable older man. Theo is basically one big kitten who wants a lot of attention and play. He can be very cute and cuddly one minute and quite scratchy and bity the next. Theo is always looking to be outside and is definitely a hunter by nature. He enjoys sitting outside and watching and watching nature go by (on his leash of course). Theo does like to play fight with his humans and enjoys scratching and biting. Unfortunately, Theo sometimes does not respond to redirection with toys so he needs a patient home with no children. Theo needs a home with confident and experienced cat owners. Theo really loves hanging out in the empty bathtub and is a big fan of drinking water from the sink. If you have fallen into the traps of everyday mundane life and looking for something to spice it up then Theo is the cat for you

Location: Panorama Petsmart