Age: 11 month old male

Sex: Male

Info: Hi my name is Tok Tik. I only have one eye but it does not hinder me. I am a lovable, confident cutie who is full of energy but also loves affection. My foster mom always knows when I need something because I will meow to let her know, I can be quite talkative. My two favourite things are playing and cuddling. I can chase toys around all day, it’s so fun! I love to lay on my foster moms chest when she is sleeping and I like to be in arms reach for cuddles at night. I am not a shy kitty and love to play with my foster brother and get along great with kids. I have so much love to give. I would do best in a home who has the time and energy to give me the attention I need. I would do well having another cat in the home to keep me company.

Location: Foster Home