Age: 4

Sex: male

Info: Toby is a lovely and kind 4 year old gentleman. He is fine with other cats and children, but would prefer to be alone in a quiet home as he is not interested in any alpha type quarrels. Toby likes to sit beside his human rather than play, and gives gentle head bumps to show affection. Toby was destined to make everyone who meets him fall in love with him…. he has succeeded in this quest.
Toby was diagnosed as being diabetic in September. He was rescued from euthanasia by his current foster and has settled into an insulin routine. Toby is not at all bothered by his twice daily injections and rather enjoys the petting before and after them. Toby will need to remain on diabetic food, have his daily injections, and multiple daily snuggles for life. He will need frequent litter box changes as the diabetes makes him quite thirsty. He would also like his foster to get updates on him because she has fallen head over heels in love with this furry little man 😉

Location: foster home