Tony & Scooter (must be adopted together)

Age: 3 months

Sex: male

Tony (blind no eyes)
Tony doesn’t let being blind stop him! He gets
around his foster mom’s apartment without any
issues and will come running from his sleeping
spot when called. He loves attention and pets
and will let you know when he wants them by
head butting you and purring. He’s definitely the
more outgoing of the two brothers, but he’s a
good influence on Scooter showing him that
pets and cuddles are a good thing.

Scooter has partial vision, things that are further
away don’t seem to be his strong suit, but close
to him he can see. He’s more the strong silent
type, he’ll come to you when he wants attention.
Loves to nap, he’ll snooze for a few hours in one
spot before moving on to the next comfy
location. Both kittens love to play with toys and
each other, so they stay pretty occupied all day.

Location: foster home