Age: 1
Sex: male

He’s very confident and outgoing, and loves to be around people. He will seek you out for company and headbutt you! Trevor loves playing with catnip mice, he plays either on his own or with people – he can keep himself entertained! Once he’s done, he likes to nap either near you or on your lap.

His mannerism is very good – he’s excellent with the litter box and uses his scratching post. A sharp ”sss” noise will quickly correct him if he misbehaves, and he has shown that he can learn quickly. Because he has long hair and a fluffy tail, it’s good to comb him often. Thankfully, he loves being combed and also tolerates getting his nails clipped. He also doesn’t mind being held. Trevor is a bit unpredictable with other cats, and may prefer living as a single cat.

Location: Panorama Petsmart